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Flood Irrigation

It is often necessary to have moisture at the base of plants and trees. With high absorption and water diffusion power, our tarpaulin sheets can adapt to all kinds of irrigation systems and are easy to put in place. They avoid water loss, permitting the plants to absorb waty by capillary action. Chemically very stable, due to the rafia in the base, they are not affected by any of the products used in horticulture. Fertiliser solutions are able to pass through the sheet intact as this does not act as a filter.

Characteristics of MR 450 and MR 500

  • Grammage (gr/m2): from 400 to 1000
  • Thickness (mm): from 3 to 10
  • Format: coils
  • Length (m): 25 ó 50 (enquire for other sizes)
  • Width (m): up to 4


Flood irrigation, embankment stabilisation, erosion control, prevention of weeds and roots,  vertical gardens and roof gardens, crop protection.

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