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LOGROTEX, S.A. was founded in 1955 as a small family business. Located in Logroño  (La Rioja), it was originally involved in recycling wool and cotton rags for conversion into flock and by-products.

In the year 1989, to make full use of its long years of experience in textile recovery and recycling, LOGROTEX converted its installations so as to devote itself to making non-wovens for use in different industrial sectors.

Our business is based on the design and manufacture of industrial nappa and felt for various sectors, such as the motor industry, mattresses, gardening (agrotextiles), footwear, civil engineering (geotextiles), filters (Legiotex®) as well as other non-wovens with a multitude of applications.

The production capacity of the LOGROTEX plant permits us to manufacture over 18 million square metres of non-woven textiles per year.

Among our main customers we can highlight cutting-edge companies from the mattress sector, companies specialised in safety footwear, leading motor companies and the biggest building firms in the sector, who trust LOGROTEX as their suppliers.

The company’s positive evolution and the growing needs of our customers, mean that to continue to grow we had to widen the product range and update our facilities, work which was carried out during 2007 and early 2008. 

C/Alberite, 11-17 . 26006 . Logroño (La Rioja) . España
Tfno: +34 941 211 211 || 627 685 938 . Fax: +34 941 210 347


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