If it is non-woven, it is Logrotex

Non-wovens for the automotive industry

The felts most commonly used in the automotive industry have noise and shock absorption properties. Moreover, the possibility of manufacturing them in thin layers in combination with different weights makes them ideal for small spaces.

Thanks to its three-dimensional porous structure, felt acts as an excellent thermal barrier and acoustic absorber, and can also absorb liquids and gases. With these properties, this material is increasingly being used in the automotive industry in ceiling linings, luggage compartments, on interior trims, for anti-vibration parts, etc.

These non-woven textiles have a good surface resistance, do not generate static, have a low moisture absorption, low flammability and are resistant to abrasion. In addition, they have excellent mouldability properties and a high dimensional stability.

Our products conform to common business practice and can also meet specialist standards if requested by the customer.

We offer a wide range of options with varying compositions and physical characteristics to adapt the technical solution to the individual needs of the customer. With their excellent adaptability, our products ensure compliance with specific needs and meet the rigorous demands of the automotive industry in terms of quality of materials and service.

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