If it is non-woven, it is Logrotex


These technical textiles are used and are of help in various types of crops, both in the country and in taking care of woods and in construction.

Stabilising embankments

The agrotextile proves indispensable in order to prevent degradation when the land has lost its balance.

It makes it easy to plant by hydroseeding.

Control of erosion

Protection against environmental erosion, direct sunlight and frosts.

Function against weeds and roots

By limiting the penetration of sunlight we can prevent the growth of unwanted plants and shrubs.

Vertical gardens and roof gardens

The plants root in the agrotextile fabric, which serves as a substrate, in order to obtain the maximum environmental benefits with the minimum consumption of water and energy.

Composting tarpaulins

They maintain the optimum moisture conditions for the compost and prevent the leakage of rainwater into the mass, providing protection against dessication caused by the wind and the sun.

Flood irrigation

Often it is necessary to have moisture in the base of flowerpots. Since obtaining a layer of sand or peat , onto which the plants  are placed, has big disadvantages, flood irrigation is the solution. Thanks to its water absorption and diffusion capacity, it can be adapted to all irrigation systems and is easy to fit in place.

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