If it is non-woven, it is Logrotex


Logrotex manufactures non-woven textiles in weights of 150 to 4,500 g/m2 and thicknesses of up to 250 mm. These can come packaged either as plastic-film covered rolls or as sheets on pallets with a maximum width of 4.40 metres.

Logro Conformables

This felt is made from synthetic, artificial and natural recycled fibres that are then heat-formed by our customers to shape their parts.

Multi-coloured felt of varying compositions and fusible fibre content, allowing for perfect shaping and adaptability to any type of mould with a variable stiffness. These properties guarantee a precise fit.


Logrotex develops acoustic insulations that are also thermoformable. The different compositions we offer for our products afford them excellent acoustic and/or thermal barrier properties. They are ideal for dampening the noise transmitted through the vehicle lining on the sides, tops, outer dashboard insulation, engine encapsulation, heat shields, etc.

They are designed to undergo further processing by compression moulding and thermal curing to give them the desired shape and density. The product dimensions can be adapted to customer requirements.

Logro Decor

Our decorative and auxiliary non-woven materials for the automotive industry are made from polyester and have a resin coating on one or both sides, subject to customer requirements.

These products are ideal for use as interior decorative elements such as floor mats, flooring, trays and luggage compartments.

Logro Wheel

Needle-punched, thermoformable felt indicated for interior wheel arches located in luggage compartments or for spare wheels. Its excellent tensile strength and resistance to elongation mean that it is ideal for thermoforming and hard-wearing despite exposure to erosion.

Logro Inyect

Polyester felt with plastic coating for injected structures to prevent the foam from showing on the outside. Specific products for parts that need a barrier to hold in foam and other injected products.

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