If it is non-woven, it is Logrotex


Reinforcement for graded or terraced slopes and fills

Prevents lateral displacement of soils and confines material to its base, providing rigidity and improved distribution of loads.

Separation for roads, railways, car parks and building foundations

Separates layers of differing grain size, preventing particles from mixing. Acts as a permeable barrier to avoid contact between incompatible materials and prevents undesired movement of earth towards the base, holding it in place.

Drainage for ditches, vertical and horizontal drains and water collection areas

Filters off excess water and avoids waterlogging.

Erosion control

Prevents displacement of base layers in slopes and weak subsoils. For soil retaining walls, riverbanks and coastal defence structures.


Prevents fine particles from migrating to other layers while allowing water through to reduce high hydrostatic pressure.


Protects geomembranes (proofing) from puncturing, perforation and abrasion.

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