If it is non-woven, it is Logrotex


Tree surrounds

Tree surrounds prevent weeds growing. Their use means big water savings and reduces considerably the time needed for maintenance work.


  • Totally biodegradable material
  • Limits or avoids the use of chemical weedkillers.
  • Reduces maintenance work. Reduces labour.
  • Regulates temperature and prevents water evaporation.
  • Protects the soil from erosion
  • Prevents the growth of weeds and moss on the surface.
  • Has a positive effect on crop quality through the enrichment of the humus in the soil.


  • Needle felt fibres.
  • 90% plant  fibreas and  10% synthetic  fibres.
  • Grammage (gr/m2): from 450 to 1.400.


Protection of fruit trees, ornamental trees and vines.


Squares, rectangles, rolls or discs of fibre in different sizes for all kinds of crops and plant pots.

With pre-cut slit for fitting, allowing the surround to be slipped over the pot or around the trunk.

Estimated durability of the jute taking as a reference the experience of the material installed at different points around the Peninsula.

These details may vary, depending on the backing material used.


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