If it is non-woven, it is Logrotex

Advantages of Legiotex®

  • Powerful biocide action against diverse bacteria.
  • Effective filtration of aerosol sizes where Legionella pneumophilla can be transported.
  • Elimination of the plume given off in gas exhaust ducts.
  • Water savings (between 20% and 49%) and therefore of biocides since they return to the condensed water tank.
  • Silencer effect (8.5% reduction in the noise level) which permits reducing the decibels of the devices and therefore a reduction in noise pollution.

Legiotex® is an inert product, which is both easy to use and harmless for the environment and human beings, capable of preventing proliferation of Legionella pneumophilla. Legiotex® is certified by the Oëko-Tex certificate Standard 100 Class III, which proves it is harmless when it comes into contact with skin.

The bactericide effectiveness of Legiotex® has been tested at independent laboratories. The data obtained under real operating conditions proves that its biocide properties remain unaltered after over 6 months. The in vitro tests with the Legionella pneumophilla prove its total efficacy, as can be seen in the tests carried out in selective agar-agar.

Likewise, Legiotex® is effective against different bacteria and fungus, such as:

  • Escherichia coli (in Petri dish)
  • Staphylococcus aureus (in Petri dish)
  • Enterococcus faecalis (in Petri dish)
  • Aspergillus niger (en air recirculation)

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