If it is non-woven, it is Logrotex


Legiotex® comprises a non-woven filter and supporting structures. These structures must be air-tight so that the incoming and outgoing air from the cooling tower passes through the Legiotex® filters, thus ensuring elimination of Legionella pneumophilla that could be contained in the steam. At the same time the filter prevents external agents from entering the tower that could represent nutrients to feed and enhance proliferation of bacterial colonies in cooling towers.

Legiotex® does not require any special maintenance once fitted, only a visual inspection to ensure that the structural items remain air-tight, consequently guaranteeing all the air is filtered, and that dust or other foreign bodies are not clogging the filters.

Once the operating guarantee of Legiotex® has expired (after 6 months), replacement comprises removing the frames of the structure, and replacing the used filters for new ones supplied by Logrotex.

This is a simple operation that can be carried out by the maintenance staff at the facility.

For greater convenience, replacing the Legiotex® filters can be made to coincide with cleaning and disinfection of the cooling towers, as required in accordance with Royal Decree 865/2003 which is required every 6 months.

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