If it is non-woven, it is Logrotex


Legiotex® targets installations using water in open circuit operations which produce aerosols, whether inside or outside buildings:

  • Cooling towers and/or evaporation condensers.
  • Air conditioning ducts.
  • Heated swimming pools and thermal installations.
  • Open-air cooling elements using aerosolisation.
  • Other devices where water accumulated and can be aerosolised.

Aplicaciones de Legiotex

Legiotex® meets the technical / health requirements of the personnel involved in installation, maintenance, inspection and treatment of this kind of facility. It is designed for:

  • Health care personnel at public health care institutions.
  • Engineers, architects, fitters and maintenance personnel of the equipment.
  • Companies working in treatment and disinfection of facilities.
  • People in charge of maintenance of the facilities.

Aplicaciones de Legiotex

We are in the final development stages of water filtration using Legiotex® in two formats:

  • Hot and cold water systems: network and tanks (storage tanks, boilers, etc.)
  • Showers.

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