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How does Legiotex® work?

One of the main contamination channels in cooling towers is through the air current intake. Through air intakes, dust, sediment, bacteria, protozoans and even seeds and leaves enter cooling towers. These items increase the amount of solids in suspension and contaminate the system chemically, physically and biologically, which subsequently causes an increase in water consumption and chemical treatment. The presence of leaves and seeds in the circuits cause production stoppages, high levels of consumption of chemical products and damage to the equipment. Moreover, the presence of Legionella pneumophilla has been detected around decomposing leaves and seeds.

On the other hand Legiotex® filters aerosols generated in air outlets of cooling systems, and because of their biocide properties the risk of infection through inhalation is neutralised.

Funcionamiento de Legiotex

This is fundamental in installations in areas where there is more than one cooling tower, since, in addition to providing protection against Legionella pneumophilla entering ambient air, it also avoids cross-contamination between towers which share the same space or contaminated towers in nearby buildings.

Conventional filter systems entail the disadvantage of the solids retained on the surface of the filter working as a substrate and feeding the bacteria. These filters quickly become clogged and their efficacy is consequently reduced. Nevertheless, Legiotex® filters prevent proliferation of bacteria and destroy it on the surface.

Their efficacy stems from the biocide added to the fibres at the time of manufacture. That is how they are resistant to washing, conferring more stable and permanent biocide properties.

The biocide is fully compatible with disinfectants permitted for use under current legislation and which are currently used to fight the bacteria.

It has been proved that migration of the biocides (quantity of substances released by tissue owing to the action of water and other solvents) and other components contained in Legiotex® is lower than that established in UNE-EN 1186:20002 of 10 mg/dm2, which is the limit permitted for plastic containers which are to contain food products for human consumption. Therefore Legiotex® does not need any specific waste management.

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