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A range of multicolour felt manufactured from different materials for diverse applications. Based on recycled products these insulators maintain their excellent thermal and acoustic absorbing properties.

Isolgreen Natural

Isolgreen Sintética

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Isolgreen Cellulose is manufactured from recycled newspapers (unsold), clean and selected. The selection process is carried out by local recycling companies and the paper is then stabilised by adding co-adjuvants (sodium borate) to improve its resistance to insects and to confer fireproof and anti-fungal properties.

Its thermal properties and manufacturing procedure make Isolgreen Cellulose an insulator with an unbeatable technological / ecological ratio and value for money.

The cellulose permits absorption of up to 17% of humidity without it losing its insulating properties. Because moisture is absorbed by the insulator rather than the wooden structure, it is an excellent protection system for use with wood, even wood that is not treated against moisture.

Its thermal and soundproofing properties, its permeability to air and reaction to moisture mean it can compete with vegetable insulators such as flax, hemp and wood fibre, at a much cheaper price.

Environmental impact: It does not contain any harmful products for the environment.

Environmentally friendly

Humidity regulator


Acoustic insulator

Thermal insulator



  • Grammage (gr/m2): from 450 to 4000.
  • Thickness (mm): from 15 to 80.
  • Density (kg/m3): 30 / 50.
  • Format: slabs – 1.20 x 0.60.

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